Friday, January 11, 2008

Steroids - R - Us

A couple articles were printed today concerning steroids and the use of performance enhancers that may be of interest to Yankee fans. The New York Times did an interview with Chuck Knoblauch concerning his being mentioned in the Mitchell report. He was fairly evasive when answering questions making statements like: “I have nothing to defend,” “I have nothing to hide at the same time.”,“I’ve got nothing to do with any of that, I mean, any baseball.”

If I were Knoblauch, I would have used this opportunity to blame steroids for my inability to throw to first base. I'd say "Well crap, I took some of that stuff, my shoulder muscles ballooned, and I couldn't throw straight. Worse decision of my life." Then he could become Mitchell's poster child for his anti-steroid campaign. He can travel across the country telling children to not use steroids. Children can ask him questions such as: "Who are you?", and steroids will be gone forever.

Also, the New York Post interviewed Goose Gossage who said he probably would have used steroids had they been prevelant in his time. "I would have probably done it," Goose Gossage said, referring to steroids. "I'm a free spirit. I like to have fun. I was a competitor. Chances are I would have done it too."

Interesting article. I love how everything is "all steroids all the time" this off season. If only we paid this much attention when Maris' record was broken 6 times in three years by three different guys after going 37 years without anyone getting close.

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