Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Need to Punch a Scout

Any scout will do, really. In this article in the post, an anonymous major league scout, anonymous because he's a coward, rates the Sox starting five as better than the Yankees starting five. In fairness, with the exception of the 5 spot (Joba/Hughes v. Chamberlain), I think the analysis is fair. But I'm a die hard so I have to punch this guy.

But there's another problem with the analysis. The scout prefers Lackey to Burnett because of control, and Lester to Pettitte because of youth and stuff. Fair enough. But if either match up was happening in a game, would you really feel like the Yankees have no chance to win? Of course not. Burnett can beat Lackey and Pettitte can beat Lester. Not to mention, we have a better line-up than the Sox, so I think with the guys we have, we have the advantage. As for Buchholz v. Joba/Hughes, any opinion is based on what someone might think is the potential, because none of them have shown, yet, that they can be consistent, good major league starters.


Anonymous said...

Gah. LESTER IS THE ACE OF THAT STAFF RIGHT NOW. HE IS BETTER THAN JOSH BECKETT, but he doesn't get the attention because he isn't a loud, obnoxious douchebag. I hate to say this because it means I am saying a Red Sock is better than a Yankee, especially a Yankee I am very fond of, but he absolutely blows Andy away. That's because Lester is probably a #1, definitely not a #3. Compare Lester to CC and it's a much closer debate (CC > Lester though).

As for Burnett/Lackey, I think Burnett's high is much higher and his low is much lower. Their numbers will probably be pretty similar by the end of the year, except Burnett will have more strikeouts and walks cuz that's just AJ bein' AJ.

Buchholz > Philoba Hughberlain at this point, but if either of those two, particularly Joba, ever reaches their potential, watch the hell out.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

yeah, I'm definitely with you on Burnett/Lackey. Lackey may have more control, but at the end of the day he's not better than Burnett as far as numbers go really.

I'm still not impressed by Buchholz, but at least he's been a regular starter, which can't be said for either of our young guys. This season may determine a lot.