Wednesday, April 15, 2009

And Then There Was Swisher

Peter Abraham is reporting on his blog that it looks like Xavier Nady will have season ending surgery. This is still unofficial and the Yankees have a tendency to try "alternatives" before doing surgeries, but this is the word coming from Tampa right now. This is bad news because we had some amazing depth with both Nady and Swisher on the team, and honestly, we were all expecting Matsui, Posada, or maybe Damon to be injured instead of Nady.

The silver lining is that Yankee hero, Nick the Swish, is now the starting right fielder. With the start he was having it was just a matter of time before he took the spot from Nady anyway, but now its necessary. We'll have to see how this all plays out.


She-Fan said...

This is bad news any way you look at it. Swish has a hot bat, but he's not a great fielder. Melky could fill in, but we know what his bat looks like. Why can't anything go as planned??????????

Roberto Alejandro said...

we should've traded him when we had the chance, that's what I say.

Roberto Alejandro said...

don't get me wrong, I like Nady, but Swisher was the cheaper option and we might have picked up some good pieces for a guy who was in his walk year.

Raven King said...

Hal and Bronny Cash should send Ozzie a bunch of roses along with a box of chocolate truffles and a I Just Call to Say I love You Card.

Raven King said...

Let's hope Swisher's high popularity won't make Alex feel like somebody stabs a knife in his butt.

cheshirecat9 said...

Swisher is batting clean-up today. I really like that guy.

Anonymous said...

With Swisher/Nady we had A Bat On The Bench. Tha't s been missing for years, and it's gonna hurt. Especially with Tex down and Matsui being so bad. He's really got to step up now.
I really hope Swish isn't deciding he's the reincarnation of Babe Ruth. I didn't like some of his swings last night. He seems to want every pitch to leave the park now.
What I worry about ARod is that he's going to lie about his recovery and come back way too soon.
But I'm just a depressing SOB.
The rest of the lineup seems to be back, so I'm not shouting "DOOMED!" yet.