Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fans Upset Over Nick Swisher's Smile

As many already know, there is an uproar in Yankee land over first baseman/right fielder Nick Swisher. Apparently, Swisher was brought into last nights game with the Tampa Bay Rays as a reliever in a 15-5 game. Though reports vary, most first hand accounts agree that Nick Swisher did the unthinkable: he smiled on the mound.

"I was there." Began Mark, a Yankee fan who was present at the game in Tampa. "I saw the whole thing." Mark paused collecting his thoughts. "It all began when they called Nick Swisher to pitch the 9th inning. I was thinking 'why are they calling him in?' Then it all started happening. Nick Swisher was standing on the mound smiling. I think I even saw him enjoying himself. I could not believe it. I thought to myself 'I can't be seeing this.' but there he was, smiling. Like an animal."

Mark was not alone in his disgust for Nick Swisher's smile.

"This is the sort of thing that will ruin baseball." Said one Yankee fan familiar with the incident. "I mean, how can we expect kids to want to play baseball, when their supposed role models are standing on the mound smiling and having fun? I mean did you see him? He was throwing pitches and smiling like this was some sort of game."

Many New York Yankee fans agreed as many chose to skip work in order to spend their day calling New York radio stations to complain about the situation.

"Nick Swisher is not a Yankee." Claimed one concerned caller. "Who does he think he is smiling in a game we're losing? I've never smiled in a baseball game. Even ones we win. Smiling is for special occasions like weddings and meeting Derek Jeter. But baseball? There's no smiling in baseball. Sheer stoicism is the only way to enjoy the great American pastime."

Despite the heavy clamor, some fans did not feel slighted by the smile.

"I don't know, I guess I just didn't feel insulted by it." Claimed one Yankee fan who witnessed the incident through their TV in their living room. "Yeah, we were losing, but we were going to lose anyway, so why not at least have some fun?"

But Mark does not see things this way.

"Look, if you want to have some fun, go do a crossword puzzle. Baseball isn't meant for fun. You don't see me walking into board meetings at work smiling, so why are baseball players smiling on the field? It makes no sense."

As of the press deadline Nick Swisher has yet to offer an apology or issue a statement concerning the smile. Messages left with his agents were not returned. Reports have confirmed that Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez has offered the services of his crisis management team to Swisher, but it is unclear whether he has accepted the offer. For now Yankee fans can only wait for Swisher's prepared apology. Keep waiting.


anonymous number two (ant) said...

Post made me smile. Oops!

Ruthie said...

lmao! you guys at RJG have hit the nail on the head with this post!!! I dont get why everyones panties are in a twist..he smiled, had fun and enjoyed himself. I apprecieate it. He was having fun, and i can dig it. Yogi said it best man, the game aint over till its over, and it was great to see a player enjoying himself and not beating himself up as if they already lost. Swisher still beasting!

also, if i were him, i would of rolled the ball into the dug out too, do you know how much you can get for that on ebay? (but really it was an accomplishment, and if you want to make a case about that, then why not make one for hitters takeing theyre first hit balls or 500th hit balls?)

Anonymous said...

Since you are on the scene, I would appreciate it if you made a list for me of every person who says anything negative about Nick Swisher.
I will collect the list, and visit each individual on it and break their face.
I hope I can finish my quest befroe his first slump, when it it would seem really silly.
Meanwhile, when is his statue due to go up?
Can they retire his number while he's still wearing it?
155 more games like today...!

Anonymous said...

BTW--that was me, Joe.(Eating my "Why the hell did they get this guy? senitments of last winter.)

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

I figured it was you Joe. Swisher has been our best player, besides perhaps Burnett.

TribeGirl said...

This year's smile was last year's fist pump....

Raven King said...

You earn the right to smile if you have a 0.00 ERA.
Jorge needs to relax a bit or he'll put more stress on the already over-stressed Wanger.

Anonymous said...

TribeGirl said...
This year's smile was last year's fist pump....

April 15, 2009 2:31 PM

Score another one for you. TribeGirl!
For your sake--and ONLY for your sake--I hope the Tribe doesn't get embarrassed today.
For all our sakes, I hope the "real" CC shows up. (And the rest of the team didn't take advantage of all the free drinks they no doubt had a chance at last night.)