Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Bright Spot

The silver lining: two consecutive games where we scored five runs. I know it doesn't feel great, but losing the first two games to Baltimore is not that big a deal. If you've been following AL East baseball as long as I have, then you know that Baltimore is the greatest April baseball team in Major League history. Two games, five runs each. And many of those runs came in the later innings, which means we can come from behind (stop laughing junior high school students). Our pitching will get sharper. Wins are not far behind.


Raven King said...

See, it's still all A-Rod's fault.
Our team scored 10 runs in these two games:
And the Wanger's number is 40:
We need to send a team of ninjas to stop Alex from keeping jinxing his teammates.
If AJ can't beat the Curse and get us a win this afternoon, I guess I'll fellow Pete Abe's advice and go "line up on the George Washington Bridge to plunge into the icy depths of the Hudson River".

Raven King said...

And hopefully the magical Captain Sully will be there to catch me.

cheshirecat9 said...

I thought the same thing, at least we scored runs. And our bullpen last night held up. So let's just hope AJ steps up this afternoon and starts the winning. I know it is only two games, blah, blah, blah, but I have waited for months for the baseball season to start. I do not want to start with getting swept. Go Yanks!

Fernando Alejandro said...

Haha, I think our problem is that we currently are without the best April hitter in all of baseball. Alex Rodriguez.