Monday, April 6, 2009

Meet Your New Ace: Ian Kennedy!

The strike zone today was like that conversation where you have to tell your best friend you made out with his wife for Sabbathia, he was avoiding it. Seriously, he looked more like Ian Kennedy out there than he did like pitch every third day Sabbathia. In fairness, though, the strike zone was inconsistent, making things harder.

The Yanks did score five runs, which is good. But they gave up 10 runs, which is bad. Hopefully Wang has better luck tomorrow. Go Yankees!


55 said...

Dude...only one 'b' in Sabathia!

Roberto Alejandro said...

maybe, but I like my way better.

Raven King said...

It was all A-Rod's fault.
Just look at the numbers of the Yankees players:
No.43: 4-3= "1"
No.25&52: 5-2= "3"
No.48: 8-4=4= "1+3"
And No. 38 looks exactly like 3B if you squint your eyes a bit.

Roberto Alejandro said...

personally i blame torre. but that's just me.

She-Fan said...

I want A-Rod back. Now.

Raven King said...

Dear Fans,
we are regret to inform you that Alex is too busy nursing his torn butt at this moment so it's all up to Marky T.

Yours Truly,
The Curse of the Torn Butt INC.