Friday, April 17, 2009

Launching Pad? Nasa Scientists Weigh In

Many of the articles discussing today's game have mentioned that the six home runs hit in today's game, all to right field, strongly suggest that the new Yankee Stadium is a launching pad. RJG contacted experts on launching pads to find out whether this claim was justifiable.

"No way," said Ted Dorcus, chief launch padologist at NASA. "It's way too populated for a launching pad." According to Dorcus, launching pads must be built away from population centers in order to limit civilian exposure to lift-off based dangers.

"It doesn't even have a pad for the rocket. Where would you put the rocket? Where? I don't understand why someone would suggest launching a rocket from there." After explaining that no one was suggesting an actual rocket be launched from the stadium, Dorcus responded, "Oh . . . then why did you call me?"

Needless to say, the number of home runs hit at Yankee stadium, while high, does not make the stadium suitable for launching space flights. Sorry liberal corporate controlled right wing media, you're wrong yet again.

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Anonymous said...

When Shelley is called up for his annual 1 for 12 cup of coffee, I hope these guys are manning their telescopes.