Monday, April 20, 2009

Yankees Split Series With Cleveland

The Good

Though it wasn't his best start, Burnett gave the Yankees a chance to win with 6.1 innings of 3 run ball. Posada hit a pinch hit homerun to put the Yankees up by one before the Yankees loaded the bases and Ransom cleared them with a double. Ransom also made some good plays on the field, though the award for best defensive plays goes to Teixeira who snagged a hot shot hit his way, to make an out at first. Matsui and Teixeira both drove in runs, and a bullpen of Albaladejo-Bruney-Rivera combined for 2.2 innings of scoreless baseball.

The Bad

Posada's homerun got sent to review after Cleveland felt there was fan interference. The homerun call was upheld, but it was close. I saw the replay and I don't think the fan touched it, but it wasn't for lack of trying. I agree with Peter Abraham that they'll need to address that somehow.

The Ugly

Although the Yankees won the game, they made Carl Pavano look like Nolan Ryan. The fragile ace pitched 6 innings of 1 run ball against his former club, which was an embarrasment. The Yankees should not celebrate a win, they should mourn their inability to hit Carl Pavano.

Respect Jeter's Gangster is for the Children

The "Respect Jeter's Gangster" blog joined Johnny Damon's home run club, which raises money for the Children's Health Fund. We are pledged to donate $1.00 for every homerun the Yankees hit this season. We will keep a running tally of the home runs hit and the money donated throughout the season. Posada hit the go-ahead homerun yesterday that puts him at 3 for the season. I used my future telling abilities to call that shot for everyone sitting around me. Not for nothing, but the Yankees are off to a hot start with 20 homeruns in 13 games. All of it without A-Rod. If they keep it up when A-Rod returns, we'll really be seeing some fireworks.

Jorge Posada 3hr = $3.00
Hideki Matsui 1hr = $1.00
Derek Jeter 3hr = $3.00
Mark Teixeira 3hr = $3.00
Nick Swisher 4hr = $4.00
Robinson Cano 3hr = $3.00
Johnny Damon 1hr = $1.00
Melky Cabrera 2hr = $2.00
Total = $20.00

If you are interested in Johnny Damon's Homerun Club or the Children's Health Fund you can find links to both at the top right hand corner of our page.


She-Fan said...

Didn't you think it was weird how LONG it took for the umps to make a decision on Jorge's HR? Wasn't that why they created the instant replay rule? Stop wasting time discussing it and just go look at the video!

Fernando Alejandro said...

I did think it was too long. I mean, how long does it really take to look at a video? They need to find a better process for this kind of thing.

TribeGirl said...

I'm not being biased, I swear. BUT, that fan definitely should have been called on interference after looking at the replay. I flipped to all three announcers and everyone thought so except the Yankee announcers (from what I could tell....I was flipping.) Plus I put it in slo-mo on my TV from all the angles they provided. Ahhhh....that's how it goes...
Can you believe Pavano's pitching? WTF??? He had two bad outings for us and then he comes to Yankee stadium and rocks! He must really hate you guys. Maybe he REALLY likes the corned-beef sandwiches from Rocky's on the West Side in Clevelan...