Friday, April 3, 2009

Yankees Workout In Stadium

The Yankees got to workout in the stadium yesterday, and many of them had glowing reviews of the new cathedral. The workout was a strenuous affair complete with such taxing exercises as hand grips, jumping jacks, and Wii bowling. One player was even seen at a weight bench, not lifting weights mind you, but using the bench while he played the drums for the Rockband tournament occuring in the clubhouse. Team captain, Derek Jeter, said that his range at short will increase drastically this season as he's decided to drop the ten pound weights he normally straps to each of his legs in the regular season. "Its time." Jeter said. "I started wearing them because I used to be so fast that I'd go to dive for a ball up the middle, and end up in right field next to Paul O'Neil. He'd be like 'What are you doing here?'. Torre gave me the weights to slow me down. The last time I didn't wear the weights was when you saw the flip throw play, I just wanted to go to the pitchers mound but next thing I know, I'm down the first base line flipping the ball to Posada. But I'm getting old, I need to lose the weights."

Much youthful optimism is in the air, and its all waranted. Its a good time to be a Yankee, and prior to opening day, everyone has the same batting average, and pitching line. This is why its the perfect time to make my predictions for the year. I have three predictions for the season all of which are guaranteed to occur. Here they are:

1. Derek Jeter beats out David Wright for the Delta Airline charity batting average thing they're doing.
2. Brett Gardner wins a batting title.
3. Cody Ransom plays so well in April that he takes A-Rod's spot at third and makes A-Rod get him a water out of the cooler before every game.


cheshirecat9 said...

Those are bold predictions from a bold blog.

Fernando Alejandro said...

We only go for bold around here.

She-Fan said...

Your "youthful optimism" is very sweet.

Roberto Alejandro said...

my brother is 49 years old.