Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bronny Cash, Explain Yourself!

As the Yankees got swept by the rival Red Sox, we here at RJG thought it time to call our good friend Brian Cashman via satellite video phone. It had been a while and we thought now was an opportune time to check back in. The following is a transcript of the call:

BC: Hello.

RJG: Hey Bronny, what's up?

BC: Nothing much.

RJG: Nothing much? Really? How about your bullpen ERA, that's pretty #@$%*&$% up!

BC: We've struggled a bit, but with Bruney down for a bit we're going to have to work with what we've got.

RJG: You mean what you stuck us with. You just got swept man. You gave the lead away in two straight games. Then, Pettitte has home plate stolen on him. That's embarrassing, #@$%*&$% embarrassing!

BC: These things happen in baseball.

RJG: No. These things happen in movies. In Jackie Robinson highlight reels, and movies. Stealing home?! Seriously?! WTF?!

BC: Look, I know that as a passionate fan you are upset about being swept by a rival, but it's April. These things happen. A-Rod still isn't back with the team. We have Angel Berroa shoring up the rear of our line-up. What do you want me to do? This team is going to contend, but sweeps happen, it's not anything to panic about.

RJG: It's something your mother panics about.

BC: What?

RJG: It's not all about you, Bronny.


There you have it folks. Brian Cashman thinks it is too soon to panic about an A-Rodless Yankees.


anonymous number two said...

I'll just quote you guys on the Boston series: pretty #@$%*&$% up

She-Fan said...

Angel Berroa can't shore up anything!

Roberto Alejandro said...

agreed. Ransom was bad enough (offensively anyway), now Berroa? A-Rod needs to be healthy already.

Raven King said...

It'a all because of the now world famous Pig Flu.
Joe G didn't realize in time Wanger needed more time to rebuild his strength because of Pig Flu.
The Yankees lost to the Red Sox because of Pig Flu.
Cotton Candy got outpitched by Justin Zoolander because of Pig Flu.
And, of course, Air Force One scared the hell of New Yorkers because of Pig Flu.

Raven King said...

And we didn't get Manny because of Pig Flu.

Roberto Alejandro said...

this epidemic is worse than I thought. If only we had some swedish med school students to help us contain the outbreak . . .