Thursday, April 2, 2009

Around the Majors

The Yankees are staying relatively quiet now that A-Rod is in seclusion, which really messes with us bloggers. So in order to fill up our time, please allow us to take you on a trip around the majors.

Former slugger Andruw Jones has made the Rangers as the 5th outfielder. I can't be sure, but Jones' career has to be one of the worst digressions in history. The Dodgers let him go after last season deciding that it would be better for them to pay his full contract and free up the roster spot then to actually have him on the team. This guy used to be a threat with the bat, and a solid centerfielder too. Jones looks to serve mainly as a DH with the Rangers as they feel they could use his right handed bat, seeing as those are so rare and all.

Manny Ramirez feels he needs more at-bats to be ready this season. I suppose that's what happens when you miss the first three weeks of spring training trying to squeeze more money out of the only team that has offered you a contract. It also doesn't help that he injured his hamstring and missed another week of games. But you know, its Manny being Manny.

It appears that the Reds are interested in the recently released Gary Sheffield. He could add depth to their team, but it is unclear how.

In other news, it appears that inmates in Brazil have trained carrier pigeons to bring them cellphones. This is of course how Mussina got candy into the clubhouse last season, and how bleacher fans got in their beer.


She-Fan said...

Slow news day is right, and it's hell on us bloggers.

anonymous number two (ant) said...

How about a post on Joe G. saying he has more pressure on him than any manager in history?

Bronx Baseball Daily said...

A team like the Giants, who have no hitting at all, could probably use Sheffield.

Really though I would love to see him retire with 499 home runs.

Fernando Alejandro said...

She-Fan, I know, and I'm so uninspired by spring training that I don't even want to make up a story.

Anonymous two, Foxsports already did something on that. I just don't think we're going to have a slow start this year like we usually do, but if we do, Girardi may get canned.

BBD, not a Sheffield fan I see. Haha.

Raven King said...

In yet another news, the Yankees won the Grapefruit league title but the players didn't even get a basket of grapefruit.

Fernando Alejandro said...

I don't think Girardi even allows grapefruits in the clubhouse.