Friday, August 29, 2008

Better Late Than Never

So the Yanks beat Burnett tonight. It would've been nice had they done that 5 or 6 games ago, but it's nice to have a win. Kudos to Mariano for a five out save, it's a good thing you're around to make us look like we've played this game before. Hey, next time you close a game and shake hands with I-Rod, could you ask him to, I don't know, maybe try getting a hit some time? Thanks Mo, I appreciate it.

So was this a good game or an infuriating one because it's a week too late?


Anonymous said...

the rajah of rehab, the american idle himself, is pitching well
but don't be fooled, he is doing this for a new contract - remember this is the same guy who faked tommy john surgery

Roberto Alejandro said...

in fairness, faking tommy john is a fairly elaborate charade for which he does deserve due credit.

johnny said...

when's deron peter's next post coming. that guy's hilarious

Quinn said...

i think that not only did he fake tommy john surgery.. but that car accident too... it was all staged... my dad said this last night... its like they are teasing us to keep watching

bigjf said...

This is real, folks, and to prove it, I'm going to go to cryogenically freeze myself for the next month and assume that we've made the playoffs. When this is found to be true, I'll pop open some bubbly. And should they not make it, I'll probably just go get a sandwich.

Seriously though, sweep this series, including Halladay tomorrow, then I'll start to get a bit excited.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Let us know how that works out Bigjf, and if you do end up getting a sandwich I recommend PB&J. Its a simple yet effective staple of the American diet.

We'll have to see about Deron's next post Johnny. He comes out the woodwork when necessary, but otherwise stays in the cut.