Friday, August 22, 2008

Yankees Looking Forward

Although the season isn't over, with the way the Yankees are playing and have played all season, I don't have high expectations. That being said, let's take a look at what the 2009 Yankees could look like.

First, here's a list of the expiring contracts:

Jason Giambi - $21 million
Bobby Abreu - $16 million
Andy Pettitte - $16 million
Mike Mussina - $10 million
Carl Pavano - $12 million
Latroy Hawkins - $1 million

Pavano and Hawkins don't leave any holes and Nady can replace Abreu. That leaves us in the market for 2 starting pitchers and a first baseman. At first base, the easy answer is Mark Teixeira, and the Yankees would be crazy not to go for him. The pitchers are a little tougher. There's no telling whether those guys will want to pitch another season, though Mussina likely will. Pettitte could decide after such a blown season that he wants to officially retire, and who would blame him. Whether or not Pettitte goes, the Yankees need to consider a strong push for Sabathia. Imagine a rotation like this:

Chien Ming Wang
CC Sabathia
Joba Chamberlain
Mike Mussina
Darrell Rasner

The top three are as solid as you'll get, and if Moose can keep up his magic then we could really see alot happen. Plus if you add Pettitte to that rotation it looks that much better. Pettitte hasn't looked all that great this season, but he's still a gamer, and someone you'll want in the post season. Then you still have Hughes in the cut waiting for a chance to break in. Not a bad set up. The Yankees will also have to go for some relief, and Scott Downs may be a good guy to consider next season.

What are your thoughts? I didn't explore any trade ideas, but what are some moves you think the Yankees could make this off season?


Bucky7588 said...

As terrible as it sounds, I say the yankees resign Pavano...with his injuries, you can probably get him for cheap, and if he somehow doesn't get hurt, he is a quality major league pitcher...theres more upside in my opinion

Roberto Alejandro said...

How about Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy and Melky Cabrera for Johan Santana? Oh, no more vicodin for you Bucky.

Quinn said...

i think that the yanks should consider aj burnett if he ops out which he is likely to do. i would like the see them give hughes another shot.

Fernando Alejandro said...

At this point you have to let Pavano go. He hasn't thrown a full season since 2004. Even if he's healthy, he's not going to last a full season. His arm won't take it.

I think Sabathia needs to be in the plans. I thought about Burnett, but his ERA's kind of high since he's come to the AL. At least we know Sabathia can pitch in the AL.

As for Hughes, he definitely deserves another shot, but in my opinion he needs to earn it. Kennedy too. No more of this, "these are our blue chip guys" garbage that kept them in our rotation way longer than they should have been.

johnny said...

i think that going after sabathia is a great idea, if they can get him
i have a feeling he will want to stay in the n.l. especially because he's dominating there. but then again, he'll go where the money is.
i do not think they should sign teixera, juan miranda/posada/damon are good 1st base options
miranda's a year away from the big leagues

raven said...

Fire Cashman if he fails to locate AJ Burnett.
Give Cashman a big fat raise or Hank's daughter and half the kingdom if he manages to steal Webb, Doc Halladay and the Big Z(The Aces mentioned above are encouraged to learn a trick or two from the Grand Escape of Manny).
As to CC, the Dodgers may succeed in seducing him with the famous California Sunshine.
Is Mark Teixeira worthy of a 10-year contract? I doubt it.
Anybody desires Mr. Banshee?

Anonymous said...

umm... hawkins was traded away almost a month ago, dude...

Fernando Alejandro said...

Hawkins was traded but his $1 million contract was not. The Yankees took that one on the chin. That'll be an extra million the Yankees will have off the books next season.

I agree with you Johnny that we have some first base options, and with Posada coming off of surgery, first base may be good for him. Damon just doesn't have enough power to play first, and Miranda, although his numbers are decent in the minors, I don't see him racking in the majors. Plus, they've yet to call give him any big league time. In Teixeira we have a gold glover whose a switch hitting power hitter, with 30 homerun a season potential. Now if he asks for a 10 year deal or something ridiculous like that, than yeah, let him go somewhere else, but if what he asks for is reasonable in terms of years, I think you throw the cash on him.

I'm big on landing Sabathia. I'm not against signing Burnett, just that I would see that as a plan B to Sabathia. But if I could have my way, Cashman would work a magical trade with Tampa Bay for Scott Kazmir. Then he should receive Hank's daughter and half his kingdom in return.

johnny said...

burnett is too injury prone
i think derek lowe would be better
but for teixera, boras will def. want a 10 year contract, hoping to break that 200 mill mark
you're right about miranda, but posada should play first base
he should only be the backup catcher

Fred Trigger said...

I would be wary of Sabathia. It looks like the Brewers are taking full advantadge of their rental. He is throwing complete games like they are going out of style. I dont think that arm will hold up over a longterm contract. He might be good for a year or two, but that workload is going to catch up sometime.

raven said...

Nobody wants to see Ben Sheets in pinstripes?

bigjf said...

raven, I absolutely would like to see Sheets in pinstripes. I think if Cashman (or whoever else, if Cash doesn't return) makes just two moves this off-season, it should be to sign the top 2 in Milwaukee's starting rotation. Sheets has had some injury history, but not terrible. You hope Sabathia's arm doesn't fall off from all the innings he's logged this year and last, but you have to sign him.

As much as I'd like to have Teixeira and/or Dunn, I could understand it if the Yanks thought their offense was enough with Nady, Posada coming back, one more year of Damon and Matsui, Jeter, A-Rod, MAYBE one more year of Giambi, and Cano (hopefully he learns something from this year's dramatic dip and adjusts).

But with this bullpen being very young and very good (with Marte still in the fold for next year), with a bunch of prospects waiting in the minors to come up and fill the holes, should any arise in the pen, I don't see a need to go after a reliever. I do, however, go to bed at night dreaming of a rotation that looks like:


Hughes is young enough yet where if he could be afforded to stay a full year in AAA and not get hurt, he would get valuable innings under his arm and probably be better off for it.

Fernando Alejandro said...

I agree about Hughes. Hughes was brought up too quickly, and this is a high school prospect were talking about. Its not like he logged 4 years of valuable games in college and then they called him up after a few starts in triple A. I think bringing him up last season after saying they would keep him in the minors that year stumped his growth.

If Teixeira goes for 10 years, than the Yankees can't take him. I don't want anyone for 10 years. The question is though, who will sign him for 10 years? Is there any team out there that desperate? The Mets maybe, but still I don't think they'll bite for 10 years. And let's be honest, Teixeira is good, but this is a 30 homerun guy were talking about. This isn't a 40+ guaranteed with a .300 average player.

As for the relievers, I just don't have that much faith in the guys the Yankees keep bringing up. I think a veteran reliever would go a long way on this squad. Although, Bruney definitely turned things around this season, and Veras has been impressive too.

As for Sabathia, I think his arm will hold up okay. For some reason, hefty pitchers don't fall under the same injury risk as normal sized pitchers.

bigjf said...

I could see the Angels offering Teixeira a 10 year deal, especially since they traded Kotchman to get him. The combination of his bat and fielding ability would be what they are looking for. Baltimore could also offer him a 10 year deal, since Angelos seems to love those kind of contracts.

I disagree about needing a veteran in the bullpen. Marte is a veteran, and he has been mediocre. Rivera is a veteran, and you don't get any better. Bruney has been around long enough and has really broken out this season, despite the injury. Veras looks absolutley solid and is gaining valuable experience in big spots. I still don't know about Edwar, but he can be good in the right spots.

Toss in fairly good arms like Britton, Robertson, Traber, maybe Chase Wright gets thrown in there, Albaladejo who will be coming back from injury, and the hyped Mark Melancon, I don't see where the Yanks would need to sign a veteran bullpen pitcher. Maybe they bring back Farnsworth to a short-term deal, but is it really necessary? They brought in Hawkins this year, and look how that turned out. Meanwhile, I love how Girardi has handled the pen, and I think he will continue to be good at getting young guys in the mix out there without overusing them.

Fernando Alejandro said...

You're probably right about the bullpen. Just let the guys you already got grow. In any event, the bullpen hasn't been the big issue this season. Its been the offense and that's going to have to shape up.

I wouldn't touch Teixeira with a 10 year contract. 7 at the most, maybe 8 because he's a first baseman and he's 28. But if a team offers him 10, he should just take it. That's just crazy.