Monday, August 4, 2008

Reviewing the Manny Trade

I've had the chance to speak to a few Red Sox fans about the Manny trade and the majority of them feel relieved that Manny is gone and that the team won't be distracted for their playoff push. But what the fans I spoke to failed to see is how bad a trade it was. Now I know that they had to get rid of Manny, but for what they gave up they definitely did not get fair value. The Red Sox traded away Manny, Hansen, and Moss plus approximately $7 million to acquire Jason Bay. That's 3 players plus some major dough for Jason Bay. Bay is a good player, definitely was the best bat on the Pittsburgh Pirates, a 30 homerun player with a decent average. He's been phenomenal for the Red Sox thus far. Plus he's under contract through next season for $7.5 million, which isn't bad. Bay is relatively young too (turns 30 this September). However, Bay isn't Manny even in Manny's decline years, and it was a steep price to pay for what is essentially one player under contract for one more year. Bay racked in his first series against the A's, but Braden (5.10 ERA) Eveland (4.46 ERA) Embree (5.13) and DiNardo (6.55 ERA) aren't exactly the best pitchers in the American League, and those are the guys he racked against. I'm not saying that Bay isn't good, or that he won't be good, I'm just saying that the Sox got ripped off pretty badly. What do you all think?


raven said...

Red Sox fans are just trying to persuade themselves that Bay is better than Manny. Truth is, Bay isn't Manny. He never will be.

Fred Trigger said...

I think if this trade was made 3 years ago, it would have been nuts. But all they gave up was a 4th outfielder, and a relief pitcher who hasnt lived up to his potential. Bay is a better fielder, and his bat isnt as far behind Mannys as you would think (at least now). Keep in mind that he was hitting 30 homeruns in a park with a deep leftfield power alley. Yeah, they had to pay his salary, but they have plenty of money, so they can afford it.