Thursday, August 21, 2008

Yankees' Front Office Hates Fans

So Pavano is set to pitch on Saturday. This can only mean that either A) Brian Cashman hates the Yankees and their fans; or B) Brian Cashman does not want a new contract with the Yankees. I'd call random seat numbers and let the fans pitch before I let Pavano throw for the pinstripes. Hell, I'd bring back Clemens and sign Bonds on the same day before I brought Pavano up from wherever he was pitching before. This like a bad dream, only worse, like the grammar in the earlier part of this sentence. I'd correct it but Pavano is pitching on Saturday, which will pretty much be my excuse for everything for the rest of the week. "I know I said I would clean up around here honey, but Pavano is pitching on Saturday." Actually, now that I think about it, as long as Pavano is pitching for the Yankees I have a valid excuse to do whatever I want. Here's to Brian Cashman.


Bucky7588 said...

Don't worry, he'll be injured by the 3rd inning

raven said...

Now we know Brian Cashman is a Red Sox fan.

chris said...

All it means(pavano pitching) is that Brian Cashmen deserves the worst GM of the year award in 2008. No GM has$ or has spent more on a team. The way he has handled the Yankees pitching staff is laughable. Counting on not 1 but 2 rookies to fill spots in the yankee rotation this year was russian roulette.Then you have key Igawa and Pavano on the shelf making millions to pitch in the minors. Then you have a very good wang but not a great ace. Throw in an aging andy pettite who just might be finished and Mussina facing 40. Any body with half a brain knew this was gonna be a long season going into April. Hats of to you Cashman!! Way to close the greatest stadium in the world in style! - in 4th place!!