Monday, August 4, 2008

Weekend Recap

This was an exciting weekend as we hosted the team with the best record in baseball and got to test some newly acquired players to see how our team will hold up. What we saw this weekend is likely the matchup we're going to be seeing in the post season, so it was exciting to analyze how these teams played. The fact that we earned a split really makes me curious to see what would happen if there was a 5th game to break the tie. We'll probably have to wait for the post season to find that out. The game that we needed to win was the 1-0 loss where Ponson pitched a gem only to have Mariano of all people give up the solo shot in the ninth. You can't blame Mariano for losing that game though, because it turns out you lose every game you score 0 runs in. Pudge started off rough, but has gotten better as he's become more comfortable. His 2-3 game yesterday with a solo homerun would show that. Nady has also settled in of late and has been a suitable replacement for Matsui. If we can get Moose to continue to pitch the way he has, get Pettitte to work well with Pudge, get another starter to pitch some quality starts, and get this offense to roll the way it can, this team will march itself to the post season no problem.

Soon to come: Yesterday's game recap. I was gone this weekend, so I was not able to update anything, but I'm excited for this week. My mother wants to go see Pudge play at Yankee stadium, which means I'll likely go to one more game before the season closes, and I'll get to sit in better seats than if I went myself (Thanks Mom!).


Fred Trigger said...

i wouldnt be looking forward to the postseason yet. you still have to get out of 3rd place :)

Fernando Alejandro said...

Ha! I'm not too worried about it right now. As I said, some major pieces have to fall into place, but I think they will. We'll see beginning tonight.