Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hits With RISP

If the Yankees want a shot at coming back right now, the one thing they need to do better is hit with RISP. For those who don't know what RISP is, it stands for Runners In Scoring Position. So how the team hits with RISP can determine how succesful that team will be. Not in all cases however, as Baltimore is 2nd in the league in this category and are doing awful, while the Rays are one of the lowest in this category and have ruled first place of the AL East with an iron fist. Nonetheless, for the Yankees, the lethargic offense has been a major problem, but I do think there is a solution that could put us back into contention. Take a look at yesterday's lineup and their batting averages with RISP:

Johnny Damon CF - .341
Derek Jeter SS - .311
Bobby Abreu RF - .291
A-Rod 3B - .250
Jason Giambi 1B - .205
Xavier Nady LF- .320 (With Yankees)
Hideki Matsui DH - .338
Robinson Cano 2B - .270
Pudge C - .000 (With Yankees)

As you can see, some of our better hitters with RISP aren't batting where they should be. Now take a look at what some minor adjustments can do to the overall batting with RISP:

Johnny Damon CF - .341
Derek Jeter SS - .311
Ian Kinsler 2B - .413
Justin Morneau 1B - .382
Josh Hamilton RF - .336
David Dejesus LF - .421
Melvin Mora 3B - .372
Joe Mauer C - .350
Aubrey Huff DH - .308

And all I did was take the best RISP hitters at each position in the American League and added them to our roster. Its as simple as that. And yes, Jeter is the best hitter with RISP in the AL at short. Also, I've assumed that Kinsler's sport hernia is really just athlete's foot, so he's back off the DL. So you see, if you move the lineup around a little you can solve all the offensive problems, but no, keep running out the same guys Joe. That'll win games.


Anonymous said...

It's time to slip Nady between A-Rod and Big G. I have seen enough back to back struck outs(Thanks a lot, dear AJ).

Anonymous said...

raven i agree. nady has been the most solid of late.. personally i would like to see the yanks loose abreu and keep nady and possibly sign him long term. he seems like a guy who bounces around a lot.. lets give him a shot with a three year deal

Fernando Alejandro said...

I agree with both of you. Nady has been the best hitter of late, and pending what he does next season I think a three year deal would be beneficial for everyone. Especially since Matsui and Damon's contracts expire after next season.