Saturday, August 9, 2008

I Told You So

So IPK lasted 2 innings and more or less sucked. I told you he wasn't going to recapture last season's late season magic and I was right. At least for this game. He's still a AAAA pitcher. He does not have the control or the nerves he needs to pitch in the major leagues. Maybe that changes, but don't hold your breath for that changing this season. You see, opposing teams have this crazy practice of watching what they call "tape." Apparently they've learned from this "tape" that Kennedy isn't very good. Anyway, as much as I wish IPK was better so that we might have a chance to win when he pitches, I probably derive just as much pleasure in pointing out that I was right about his overall craptacularness.

Here's some random reading for you. When I saw the headline I thought it had something to do with a mystery about a breed of dog. Boy was I wrong.


raven said...

That story is as hideous as today's game.
Joe G does know when to send in the wrong pitcher.
I finally realized there's good chance we couldn't make it to the playoff in the 8th inning.

Roberto Alejandro said...

yeah, I think the playoffs are long gone. The worst part is that it would be okay if Hughes and Kennedy had a full year of big league experience under their wings, but because of injuries and crappiness they don't, so you can't even call it a rebuilding year. Here's to a wasted season.

bigjf said...

What bothers me about Kennedy is it appears like he could care less about getting his ass kicked in. There's no way you can sit there 5 mins after that kind of loss and tell the media you've moved on past it. I lost sleep over it, and I don't get paid shit!

Signing CC and Sheets in the off-season would make up for this. I'm not giving up on this season yet, but I'm getting closer.

raven said...

This team is desperate in need of a clutch hitter.