Tuesday, August 12, 2008

PS3 Update

Crazy game tonight for the Yankees, but I feel like talking about something else, which may or may not interest you. We know our readers look to us for insightful commentary like "the Yanks suck right now," and "Posada's out for the year," and "Holy $#!%." But our readers also look to us for all the latest in video game news.

Today I picked up Madden '09. I traded in Metal Gear 4 which was probably the worst game I've owned for the ps3, out of the two that I have ever owned. It was largely uninteresting and the cut scenes were way too long. Anyway, Madden has proven to be a pretty enjoyable game, but I'm sure I'll be bored of it by Friday (there's only so much you can do in a football video game).

But I read today that a new Bond video game is coming out on the same day as the upcoming film, Quantum of Solace. The developer is trying to live up to Goldeneye, the greatest video game ever made, and there will supposedly be a multiplayer option for this new game. I really don't play many games, in fact, I never own more than one at a time (I trade in each game when I get a new one). But I loved the multiplayer feature in Goldeneye as it was really what made that game worth owning. Hopefully, this new game will have a similar multiplayer option.

Anyway, the Yankees won an interesting one tonight, but I'm upset that they didn't preserve the win for Mussina. I want him to get twenty, he needs five more. If he can win two more this month he's in great shape, but the Yankees blew one of those opportunities tonight. The bullpen needs to shape up.


raven said...

The brilliant Moose doesn't need to pitch like a 45-year-old lefty, but Chien-ming Wang should learn to run around the bases like Jamie Moyer.

The Marte-Rivera combination is horrible.

raven said...

I hope Moose slapped the back of his stupid teammates' heads in the clubhouse.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Did Moyer really push the ump down rounding first? He made it to third on that play.

raven said...

Yes, Moyer did push the ump down rounding first. That's the reason why sometimes he can't get the strike call, but it's still the most gangster baserunning in the history of baseball.