Friday, August 29, 2008

Yankees Not Giving Up

With the Yankees now 6 games behind in the wild card the players feel the need to let their fans know that they are not giving up. Though a playoff appearance seems more unlikely every time the Yankees ground into a double play or strike out with runners in scoring position, the Yankees remain optimistic about their chances. Our very own "Respect Jeter's Gangster" reporting team took an opportunity to interview players about popular perception that the team has given up on the season.

"Look, its not like we're giving up." Explained right fielder Bobby Abreu. "Its more like we're giving down. There's a difference."

What Bobby Abreu was stating was the basic rhetoric coming from the Yankees throughout our interviews. An encouraging feign towards perseverance followed by a nonsensical statement concluding and contradicting their former statement.

"Giving up is when you don't even bother trying." Abreu continued. "Giving down is when you show up, put on your uniform, take batting practice, put people on base, and ground into double plays. You can see the difference."

Bobby Abreu was not the only player to promote this sentiment. Other players were just as quick to share their thoughts.

"I mean, I could hit when someones standing at third base." Said Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez. "I could do that. But sometimes I just want to swing my bat without having a ball obstruct its path. There's freedom in swinging at nothing. I mean, have you ever seen 'Dances With Wolves'? Its just like that."

We were not sure what that meant.

"We can still win." said second baseman Robinson Cano matter-of-factly. "Not the division or the wild card mind you, but definitely a couple more games this season."

The pitchers had a different take on how the season could shape out.

"Do I think we can still win the wild card?" Asked starting pitcher Mike Mussina. "If the offense scores a couple more runs a game we definitely can. So no, I don't think we can win the wild card."

"Can we still win?" Yankee pitcher Sydney Ponson repeated. "If I'm pitching every five days, then probably not."

The message is clear. The Yankees have not given up on this season, and us fans should support them to the end. As Derek Jeter explained, losing isn't even in their vocabulary.

"I don't know the definition of 'lose'." Stated Derek Jeter. "But this season I'm getting a pretty good idea."


Bucky7588 said...

I hate to say it about Pavano...but I told you so...more vicodin for bucky ;)

Fernando Alejandro said...

I hear you on Pavano. This start was solid. He only threw 72 pitches in 6 innings. I guess they don't want to push his arm much beyond that. We all know what happens when that arm gets over worked.