Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Around the Majors: Waste of Money

That's a lot of money.

Schilling them Softly

The Red Sox typically make some really good deals when it comes to pitchers and have no problems booting a pitcher who they feel has gotten too old. That is why the signing of Curt Schilling to pitch this year was such a mystery. Right now, he's rehabbing, but I suspect he won't be any good if and when he comes back. Now its not nearly as bad, as say the Carl Pavano signing, but $8 million isn't chump change either. Plus, if he makes the weigh ins he can make another $2 million. That means that he could make as much money as staff ace Josh Beckett. Not a bad deal for Schilling...pretty bad deal for the Red Sox.

GIANT Amount of Money for Middle Relief

Want to talk about a waste of money? Let's talk about the $116 million and 6 years left on Barry Zito who has recently been relegated to the Giants bullpen. That's a lot of money on middle relief. The sad thing is that the contract is back loaded, so he made $10 million in 2007, his first season, and will make $20 million in his last. Ouch.

Breaking News: Multi-Year Contracts for Aged Sluggers Not A Good Idea

So, Toronto dropped DH Frank Thomas because of the slow start that he's had at the plate, or so they say. Thomas believes it has something to do with the performance clause he was approaching that would guarantee him $9 million for next season. By cutting him, the Blue Jays still had to pay him the remainder of the $8 million for this season to not play for them. So the ever savvy Athletics signed Thomas to a league minimum deal of $390,000, and now have a slugger in their lineup.

Money's being waisted everywhere. Good thing the Yankees have so much of it. Just so you know, all the information came from Cot's Baseball Contracts, a phenomenal resource for those interested in seeing how much more baseball players make than you. Really puts that liberal arts degree in perspective.


Fred Trigger said...

I think on the day of the Zito signing, Sabean should have been fired. Everyone, and I mean, everyone knew that was a bad signing. It ranks up there with the mets trading Kazmir for the bad Zambrano.

michael kei said...

Pavano still cracks me up though. I mean at least Zito seems to be trying. This is Pavano from a few weeks ago:

"I've got the baseball package, I watch all our games, I relax," Pavano said yesterday at the Yankees' complex in Tampa. "I mean, what is there really to do? I try to eat well, and stay in shape, and look forward to my next throwing session. That's really all I've got going right now."

Anonymous said...

I would rather have Pavano sidelined than get a horrible 0-6 from him.

TribeGirl said...

Thanks for that update Michael Kei. I've been wondering what the heck Carl Pavano has been doing. I hate him. I hate Curt Schilling too. Always have. He talks too much - waaaaay too much. Just shut up and pitch! He had a blurb on the latest "Costas Now" on HBO. GO AWAY!!!

Anonymous said...

Schilling might be a silly blogger, but I do think he's a pretty good pitcher.

TribeGirl said...

Yeah, Mr. Bloody Sock himself. What an f-ing hero! They made it sound like he earned a purple heart or something. He pitched a baseball game hurt for god's sake. Wow Wee! Big woop! Athletes of every sport do it all the time.

I agree he's a good pitcher. I just have a personal bias against him because of his constant comments on everything. Everyone has one player they can't stand. He happens to be one of mine!