Friday, April 25, 2008

Will Patterson Get His Shot? Rasner?

Last night brought some bad news to the bullpen. Bruney and Farnsworth have both sustained injuries and will likely miss some time. The good news is that perhaps, the ever deserving Scott Patterson will get his shot. The question is will he?

Thus far, the Yankees have called up Edwar Ramirez and Jonathan Albaladejo ahead of Patterson. Both of those pitchers are fine, but Patterson really earned that spot out of spring training, and they have yet to give it to him.

Yesterday's game also put into focus another need the Yankees have. Without a set long reliever, Ohlendorf stepped in and pitched a couple innings giving up 5 runs. With Rasner having a monster season in the minors, perhaps its time we bring him back up too.


Anonymous said...

npzopIt seems that someone buried Patterson's jersey in the House that Ruth Built.

Unknown said...

That's impressive. Not because they buried a Scott Patterson jersey, but the fact that they found a Scott Patterson jersey to buy.

By the way, by word verification for this post is: yakee. One letter off from being awesome.

Anonymous said...

Joe's choice really bemused me.