Friday, April 18, 2008

Breaking News: Manny Can Hit

So the big story seems to be that Manny can hit. Other headlines in today's paper included "Gravity Pulls Objects Towards Earth." I don't know what we'd do without sports writers and their oft overwhelming incite, but maybe Mussina, who I think reads newspapers regularly, might find out that he can't pitch anywhere near Manny. He and Girardi may be the only two people who don't quite appreciate that.

We know play Baltimore for a few games. I know you probably think Baltimore sucks, but this is their month. That team is always dangerous in April. We face Cabrera tonight and he is a good pitcher. But we should win the series even if we are playing the best April team in history.

Cano is still mired in a pretty bad slump. Part of the problem is he swings at everything, the other problem is that up to now he's gotten away with it. Frankly, he'll probably heat up, hit over .300 swinging at everything and continue to get away with it and not really change his approach. But I remember last year, after he and Melky started off really slow, they both agreed to stop swinging for the fences and just focus on getting hits. They both started hitting after that. Cano's only hit recently is a home run, I wonder if he's just trying to hit for power too much and that's messing up his approach. Not that he would be more patient, but he might adjust in a way that he's not grounding or flying out as much.


michael kei said...

Sports writers? Bah. Just Yankee blogs please.

Fernando Alejandro said...

That's what I'm talking about, Michael.