Saturday, April 5, 2008

Rotohog Fantasy Rivalry League

The good people over at Rotohog asked us to post this release regarding a new Fantasy Baseball Rivalry League where Yankee fans and Red Sox fans can go at each other like our ancestors used to. I for one suck at all fantasy games, mainly because I forget that I signed up for a team, and then I check in a month later only to find that half my staff has been injured. Sounds like fun though...

LOS ANGELES, CA--(MARKET WIRE)--Mar 28, 2008 -- Baseball's Opening Night on Sunday marks the start of the first ever Fantasy Baseball Rivalry League. New York Yankee faithful will battle it out with Red Sox Nation as they play fantasy baseball head-to-head at

"This represents the biggest rivalry in all of sports. Does anyone hate a Yankees fan more than a Red Sox fan, or vice versa? Now they can prove who is the best with their knowledge of the game," said Chris Austin, Director of Marketing for

The RotoHog Rivalry League is free to play, and participants are also automatically entered into the 2008 Fantasy Baseball Championship with prizes to the Top 100 players at season's end, including a new 2008 Ford Mustang, Vizio LCD and plasma HDTVs, Nintendo Wiis, Sony PSPs, Sony Blu-ray Entertainment Systems and more. There are also free monthly contests with prizes like Sony PS3s, Slingbox AVs, TomTom GPS Systems or an Apple iTouch.

The Fantasy Baseball game features an innovative Trading Floor where Major League Baseball players are bought and sold at fluctuating prices in stock market-like conditions. Pre-season trading's biggest movers include: Daisuke Matsuzaka (BOS-P, IPO $20.50, Trading at $26.01), Jacoby Ellsbury (BOS-OF, IPO $4.50, Trading at $10.33), Joba Chamberlain (NYY-P, IPO $11.75, Trading at $15.39) and David Ortiz (BOS-DH, IPO $42, Trading at $37.60).

To play in the Rivalry League, go to and sign up. Players can also create additional private leagues to play against friends, or compete in a Jackpot League for a chance at $1,000 at


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