Thursday, April 24, 2008

That Young Man is Going to Be Alright

If you're anything like me, and most of you are, then you've spent the last few weeks asking yourself, "I wonder how Rasner's doing?" Well, the New York Times has answered our collective prayer with this article concerning the Yanks prospect. Apparently he's killing the minor leagues. The Yanks don't have a long man and with the youngsters struggling we may be seeing Rasner sometime soon.

This got me thinking though, when Girardi came into spring training he said that every player had a clean slate. That's good if you're Farnsworth, but if you're a guy who pitched on a broken leg (Karstens) or were willing to reach out with your bare hand to try and stop a hit (Rasner; admittedly a stupid play but ballsy) maybe you didn't want a clean slate. Showing heart should count for something, especially when you risk injury. My point is we have no long man and maybe if those things had been kept in mind we would have. It could just be that they wanted Karstens, he got hurt, and so they decided to wait, but Rasner deserves a chance to pitch the extra 4 or 5 innings Hughes and Kennedy have left on the table recently.


michael kei said...

Put Bruney on the DL and bring him up.

TribeGirl said...

What about that Patterson kid you guys were talking about? Any hopes of bringing him up this season?

Fernando Alejandro said...

I've been hoping they would bring up Patterson for a while, but the Yankees just don't want to. We might be seeing him now if Bruney heads to the DL.