Thursday, April 10, 2008

You Can All Sleep Soundly Tonight

The horrible ordeal is finally over. For months now most of us committed to this team have had many a sleepless night, but we can finally breath easily. The Yankees announced the new titles for the members of Steinbrenner family within the Yankees organization. With Hank and Hal being in limbo so long, without proper titles, it often felt like the team had no direction. But now we know that George is the Chairman, and Hank and Hal are co-chairpersons. That's actually quite a cool image, can you imagine a chair-person? Creepy. Anyway, now that the Yanks have settled this and stability has returned to the team, they may have a chance to win a game against a basement major league team.

On a final note, who has to go the press conference or be on the conference call announcing this sort of nonsense? Note to any newspaper staff-persons: if you had to be in on that call your boss hates you.

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Anonymous said...

Chairperson? Sounds like another ingenious invention of the Dark Lord. A creature that's half chair and half person, cool.