Monday, April 28, 2008

Surprise Factor

How surprised would you have been last January if I told you Melky Cabrera would be tied for the team lead in homeruns? Seriously, on a scale from 1 - 10 in surprise factor, how surprised would you be? For me, I'd be about an 8. I figured he would hit more homeruns this year, but he hit 7 all last season, so more could have meant 10. I don't tend to surprise easy, but Melky has just been on a tear. So how surprised are you?

For me, a 1 on the surprise scale would be like the time I showed up for a surprise birthday party and saw all my friends cars parked outside. A great effort, but very little surprise. A 5 would be like the time I saw Andre 3000 standing outside of a hotel in New York city. It wasn't too surprising since it was in New York, but still a little surprising. A 10 would be like the time I was robbed at a friendly dice game. I'm placing my bet when all of a sudden I get sucker punched. I looked up and who should I see but Miley Cyrus. I said "Hannah, why?" And she said, "Money earned ain't as sweet as money taken.", and then walked away with all of our dice money. That kind of caught me off guard. So a 10 would be having Hannah Montana rob your dice game, and a 1 would be the non-surprise birthday party. So, how surprised are you?


Unknown said...

I give it a 3.

Working out with A-Rod is going to build power. The kid is 23, and it remains to be seen whether he hits better righty or lefty. I saw him and Shelley play a minor league game in Binghamton a few summers back and he stroked mammoth jack-jobs from both sides of the plate that day.

That can translate to many dingies over the course of this year, and though you're all sick of my mentioning it, I saw all of this coming when I picked him up as my third outfielder in the draft this year.

So the production isnt much of a surprise, but how early hes gotten going and the pitchers hes hit these off have been a rather pleasant surprise.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

"he stroked mammoth jack-jobs"

that may just be the greatest 5 word combination in rjg comment history

Unknown said...

had just as a big a smile typing it as you did reading it. glad to hold a record in some capacity.

Fernando Alejandro said...

"So the production isnt much of a surprise, but how early hes gotten going and the pitchers hes hit these off have been a rather pleasant surprise."

I think this is what's done it for me. He hit the one off Halladay, which put the Yankees ahead, and then he hits one of Sabathia to win the game for the Yankees. Very impressive. But you're right, he did pick up A-Rod's routine, and he is young. I guess I just didn't see it happening so early, and at the rate he's been doing it. I figured he'd hit 15 all season, more than doubling his number from last season. One month into the season and he's already 1/3 of the way there. Not that I expect him to keep hitting homeruns at this rate, but I think he'll make a legitimate run on the Derek Jeter homerun record for sure.

michael kei said...

It cracks me up because he's the #9 hitter. Surprisingly he takes quite a few walks as well. I think pitchers realize how much they can hurt him now, so they might be a bit more careful when pitching to him. But he usually sees some pretty nice meatballs.

Anonymous said...

After witnessing Melky made Roy Halladay scream at him, my answer will be 0.

TribeGirl said...

Melky pissed off CC Sabathia and CC yelled at him....geez, Melky's a kid - he was probably just thrilled he hit a homer off last year's Cy Young winner!