Friday, April 25, 2008


I was watching the game last night while Hawkins was pitching to the white sox. It was my first time actually seeing him pitch, as I am mostly relegated to following the games online or via radio. I think this guy could be successful. He's got good movement on his pitches and he throws strikes. At least from what I saw last night. The whole "21" thing still bothers me but what can I say. I do think Hawkins will be an effective reliever for us this year, and if he isn't, it's just a one year contract anyway.

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TribeGirl said...

I pretty much see every Yankee game on TV, and I think he's the best out of the bullpen besides the obvious players (Rivera, Joba...) He doesn't make me nervous and he gets the job done! I think the Yankee fans were out of line with the whole 21 thing, but then again, I was never big on Paul O'Neil. I know he was passionate, but alot more respect belongs to Roberto Clemente, and if dude wants to wear his number, he should have been able to... Anyway, Hawkins is one to watch!!!