Sunday, April 20, 2008

I Feel Like I Haven't Seen You in Forever

So the offense showed up today. Something they didn't do much at this time last year for Andy Pettitte. Great game by Andy, the bullpen needed that. What they didn't need was two rain delays. Oh well, Joba was less than sharp but he's been away for a while, we'll have to forgive him. Not much to complain about other than the fact that we just lost a series to Baltimore, but we already knew that.

There is something to worry about, however. A-Rod left the game with a strained quad. Is it serious? We don't know, but if it is that could be a problem. Hopefully he's okay, but at least he's getting hurt just as his wife is due, so we were probably going to lose him right about now a few games anyway. Maybe he faked the injury to spend more time with his family. Selfish bastard! I wonder if he's started saving for college?

That's the second quad injury of the season. I don't even think that is a common injury. Have you ever strained a quad? Ankle, knee or hamstring injuries I'm used to hearing about, not quad so much. So last year Marty Miller got the axe for all the hamstring injuries the team suffered. This year Girardi made everyone run, a lot, to avoid such injuries. Are the running drills and the quad injuries correlated? I don't know, but I'm guessing they won't fire Girardi over it. Maybe it's just bad luck, or maybe guys in their mid 30s shouldn't do that much running in preparation for the season. It seems all we've done is move the injuries to the front of the leg.


michael kei said...

I think Posada faked his injury. He's trying to make teams think he might be easy to run on. Then he'll be throwing them out left and right. It's allllll mental manipulation. Think Arod's out? Then pinch hit him with the bases loaded. Think Giambi's doing bad? Just bunt to the left side. Girardi's just trying to keep all the other teams on their toes.

And in other news, my word verification for this post started with "nyy".

Fernando Alejandro said...

Mental manipulation is also the reason the offense isn't performing. Everyone will soon start sleeping on the Yankees, then in about June, they'll start pounding out 7 run victories every night. Girardi has the entire baseball world right where he wants them.

michael kei said...

Here's another one: Girardi shows displeasure in Kennedy. Secretly, he told Ian to go do bad. Then when Hank is calling for Joe's head, he'll say, "Watch this Hank. IPK is going to pitch a no-hitter at the stadium tonight because I said so". And it'll happen. And Girardi will look like a god.