Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Yankees Earn Split

The Good

The offense finally woke up! Abreu went on a tear finishing a double short of the cycle. Damon had a couple hits, and even Molina got in on the fun with a double of his own. The best part of this game however was Mike Mussina's 6 innings of 1 run, 2 hit ball. He was beautiful out there. His curve was baffling hitters, and he had some quick innings. When they pulled him after the 6th, he had something like 86 pitches. He even didn't get frazzled when there were errors behind him (Cano I'm looking at you). Just as amazing was the Bruney, Farnsworth, Hawkins trio that held the Rays from scoring through three innings of 1 hit ball. Hawkins was the shakiest of the bunch giving up the hit and a walk, but still closed the inning without a runner scoring.

The Bad

Derek Jeter strained a quadricep. Derek Jeter says he's good to play tomorrow, but Carl Pavano says he's done for the season. Also, can Betemit not swing at bad pitches? 0-4 with 3 punch outs is not promising. Cano has 3 errors so far this season.

The Ugly

At one point in the game, the YES camera showed a shot of BJ Upton standing in centerfield with his hand down the front of his pants. I thought it was pretty gangster.

Respect Jeter's Gangster is for the Children

Respect Jeter's Gangster joined Johnny Damon's Homerun Club, and is giving $1.00 for every homerun the Yankees hit this season. The money goes to the Children's Health Fund. Throughout the season, we will keep a running tally of the homeruns and money donated. Yesterday, Bobby Abreu hammer clapped one to help the cause:

Melky Cabrera 1hr = $1.00
Alex Rodriguez 1hr = $1.00
Hideki Matsui 2 hr = $2.00
Bobby Abreu 1hr = $1.00
Total = $5.00

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Anonymous said...

How about moving A-Rod to shortstop?