Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pre-Game Update

There hasn't been a new post since this morning, mainly on account of my not having posted anything, so here goes.

Should Hawkins be allowed to wear 21? Why not. I love Paul O'Neil but I'm not sure he should have his number retired, or the correct spelling of his last name for that matter. He was a gutsy player who gave it his all everyday, but had he played on the '88 to '94 Yankees with the same intensity we wouldn't be saying retire his number. And frankly, it's not the idea of retiring his number that bothers me, it's the idea that Hawkins can't wear it in the meantime. Grow up people, it's a jersey number. He's not walking around saying people should call him Mr. O'Neil. That would be weird.

Will Mussina pitch well tonight? It doesn't matter. It's his first game of 2008. Most pitchers are still building up arm strength. As long as he doesn't go Pedro on us and pull a hammie I really don't care how he pitches today. Come back in three weeks and we'll have that discussion.

Are the Yankees the best team in Baseball? Well, if you look at our winning percentage, then yes, we are.

7:25 Update

Way too many pitches in the first for mussina. I'm not worried about what it means for this season but if he doesn't settle down he won't be lasting very long in this game.

9:00 Update

That's why you don't put hitters on base for free. If he doesn't hit Frank Thomas a run doesn't score. Maybe he even goes 6 innings, 3 runs, the definition of a quality start. Not anymore (though one of his runs wasn't earned). Oh well. Mussina's pitched okay, not great, but getting the job done. If we could only score some runs against Cy Young Burnett maybe this would be a ballgame.

9:02 Update

The debut of Latroy Hawkins, this should be interesting.

9:03 Update

Greatest pitcher ever Latroy Hawkins ends the inning with one pitch. Not a bad debut I would say.


Anonymous said...

If either pitcher could have figured what the strike zone was, this probably would have been a different ball game.

Anonymous said...

A brain-racking guessing game for pitchers is what home plate umpires are for.