Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pre-game Prediction

We don't usually do a pre-game prediction, but today we will. Our prediction is that Ian Kennedy pitches a no-hitter, Damon, Jeter, Cabrera, and Duncan all hit homeruns, and let's say Molina steals three bases. Grady Sizemore strikes out in the 9th to complete Kennedy's no-hitter, and breaks down in tears at the plate.

Update: Well Kennedy carried the no-hitter for two outs in the first, but in fairness, that Victor Martinez hit was a bloop. Either way, I'm liking Kennedy's start so far. Already has a strikeout. Its interesting to see Giambi, Ensberg and Shelley batting in a row. That's 3 first baseman in one lineup.


Fernando Alejandro said...

So our prediction was off by 1 no hitter, 4 homeruns, and 3 stolen bases. But everything else was spot on.

Anonymous said...

Kennedy was actually getting better.
I feel sorry for those who sit by the drummer. Such constant and loud noise will damaged their eardrums.