Friday, April 11, 2008

Wouldn't Want to be Buchholz Tonight

Or any night for that matter. Buchholz (two Hs? really?) faces off against Chien-Ming Wang tonight in this season's first game between the two storied rivals. Boston has had Wang's number in recent years on account of them stealing signs (come on, do you really think charm is the only reason they still use a manual out of town scoreboard? Or maybe they just play the yankees 18 times a year, one way or the other), but I still wouldn't want to face the Yankees number 1 in the first game of the rivalry. We'll see what happens.

Will Jeter be in the game tonight? My Magic 8-Ball says no, but it also said I would win the lottery last week, which was a lie! Will Jeter's gangster prevail? Or Will Girardi's "it's a long season" caution force him to sit this one out? What do you guys think?


michael kei said...

I say (and I mean what I say) Jeets sits it out. He threw long toss yesterday, big deal. It's his quad. Unless he does some hard sprinting around the bases and feels fine, he's not playing tonight.

Anonymous said...

i miss robin ventura.