Friday, April 4, 2008

We Can Thank Cashman For This

The Yankees took the first series of the season, and we can definitely thank Cashman for this. It was Melky who won the first game and Hughes who kept us in the third. Both of those players were offered as trade bait for Santana. Now, if we had Santana there's a good chance we win the game he pitches in this series since, after all, he's Johan Santana. But Cashman made the right move by sticking with youth and not letting Bill Smith try to strip him of a bunch of prospects. Maybe Hughes and Melky don't pan out, there are no guarantees. But Cashman sent a message about our commitment to youth and that is important, especially to those young players.

On another note, the offense needs to pick it up. But I won't complain, we won the series and that's not a bad way to start the season.

Further, there is now one more reason to hate Fenway Park. In addition to being Fenway Park, the grounds crew has trained a hawk to attack Latino children. Especially if they have a name almost identical to a ball-player on the Yankees.


Anonymous said...

they played well.. bruhney doing his job.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Bruney I was most impressed with. He threw strikes, which was what he couldn't seem to do throughout long stretches of last season.

Anonymous said...

Santana might snag us a ring this year. Maybe. Hughes and the Melkman will probably snag us 5 in a row.