Monday, April 7, 2008

What To Do About the 8th

With Joba Chamberlain's success as Mariano Rivera's set up man, there is some concern about what the Yankees will do when they move Joba to the starting rotation. Without Joba, who will get the ball to Mo? I've got a few ideas:

We could look in house, but we know there's nobody there, so let's look outside the organization.

We could get that monkey who pitched in that movie with Joey from Friends. It's an attractive option since it will put fans in the seats and should throw opposing hitters off their games.

We could require all starters to pitch 8 innings. I think that's what KC did last year.

Can Jeter pitch? Duncan?

We could petition the commissioner's office to shorten games to seven or eight innings. This would definitely solve the problem most of the time.

Any other suggestions?


Ron said...

I'm sure that Cashman is hoping that J.B. Coxand/or Marc Melancon will be ready by then.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Not to mention Humberto Sanchez, but its an important role to fill, and not everyone will be able to do it. Let's hope someone in our farm is capable enough to hold the 8th inning down.

michael kei said...

I want Scott Patterson.

Anonymous said...

JB is nasty.. i remember watching him in the CWS with texas.. hopefully his surgery can have a full recovery. personally i would like to see him stay there and get CC next year

Anonymous said...

he being joba.. sorry

Fernando Alejandro said...

I like Patterson, but unfortunately he won't be our 8th inning guy. I hear good things about this Alan Horne kid. I wonder if he may work out.

I think Sabathia may be too expensive to go after, especially if they want Teixeira as well. We'll see though. They'd both be good additions.

Nate said...

The Yankees have said they won't move Horne to the bullpen. Why not Scott Paterson? There's also Ohlendorf, or Bruney if he continues to not suck.

Bucky7588 said...

bruny is a great option if he doesn't suck. when he's on his game, hes lights out

Anonymous said...

1.Hilary and Obama.
The one with lower ERA gets to be President.

Our pitchers will love to Jorge driven mad by the catcher.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Just a thought, but Joe Nathan is a free agent next year. He will want to close, but maybe a sizable contract will change his mind. Then you got your 8th inning guy.